An independent consumers protection project

A truly independent project

No brands, manufacturers or political influence.

Commercial ads free

The only ads you might see are social campaign ads (environment, education, quality of life, kids rights a.s.o.)

Community financing

We rely on donations and volunteers to develop and maintain our platform.

Top features

Scan barcode or QR code

Scan the barcode. Learn what you eat.

Just scan the barcode of any food product about which you wish to learn more information and if it is found in our database, you’ll know immediately everything we know about it, including its additive numerical, sugar quantity, salt quantity, other nutritional values or the ingredients that can be found on the product’s label.

Saved products

Saved products

Inside the Saved Products section you can always select one or more products and see the total quantities of sugar, salt, calories and the number of food additives identified in these selected products.

Emergency numbers

Worldwide emergency numbers

This Consumers Protection project aims to provide up-to-date emergency numbers for all the countries around the world along side with plates that commercial operators can place as signs and banners on their premises.

EU Alerts

Food and non-food safety alerts

The EU has one of the highest food safety standards in the world – largely thanks to the solid set of EU legislation in place, which ensures that food is safe for consumers.