International Programme for the Protection of Art and Culture Consumers

InfoCons launches today, April 20, 2023, on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, the National Program for the Protection of Art and Culture Consumers, a program that aims to support and promote all artists, regardless of the form of expression.

Increasing the degree of education and information of the consumer citizen regarding the works of art made by  artists by raising their awareness regarding the rights and obligations of consumers when purchasing works of art and protecting the artists in terms of national and European legislation in the field of art, all of which form the national cultural values.

Through the National Program for the Protection of Art and Culture Consumers, InfoCons aims to recognize artists and the authenticity of their works, this program also has the connotation of combating counterfeiting of works of art.

Within the Programme, the artists will be supported in order to access different third markets, both within the European Union and outside it, from a consumer protection perspective. The works of visual artists must be promoted both nationally and internationally for the recognition of their work.

InfoCons in the framework of this Programme will provide support by advising and informing about the participation of visual artists in different events at international level in terms of consumer protection issues, where their works end up.

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