Mr Sorin Mierlea, President of InfoCons is speaker at the International Summit on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

In the new geopolitical and economic context, taking into account the challenges of environmental protection, but also the resilience of the citizen as a consumer, the approach to the basic principles of intellectual property must be rethought and brought to a new standard in order to be able to discuss a new social organization , which will focus on the consumer from the perspective of health and consumer protection. In the context in which counterfeiting has reached alarming proportions that, in addition to intellectual property problems, bring direct impact and a major impact on consumer health and major environmental issues with an immediate and direct impact on each of us.


Understanding that consumer protection of intellectual property must be placed in the new social context and that education at different social levels is imperative and immediately necessary, I believe that society must respond immediately through technology and the creation of cross-border platforms for understanding what constitutes infringement of property rights intellectual influence on us as consumers.


The concept of the Consumer Passport to have immediate and direct access in the native language to the information mechanisms in the native language, in the information area, which will put us in the position of being able to choose and have initiative and attitude, by being able to notify and not least to be able to protect our health and that of our children by protecting the environment. Solutions to have a clear information mechanism like the European Application for Food and Household Appliances – the InfoCons Application – also includes the part of textile products as well as other consumer products.


By simply scanning the barcode, access to the product picture, the information on the label translated into the native language, but also the product characteristics. Displaying the Carbon Footprint for each product, and for clothing textile products, which have become a means of massive pollution, to realize the green stamp of placing on the market. Clear mechanisms for counterfeit products to be analyzed in the urgent formula so that they can be destroyed with minimal environmental impact.


When we talk about the consumer, we talk about us, about each of us, about our children and parents, and we need to understand the responsibility we have today, with an armed conflict at the EU border, a cold, economic conflict, and the health and environmental challenges of urgently start the mechanisms of continuous education and understanding of what counterfeiting means for individual health, but also the health of society.


Thus, let’s not see counterfeit products in tourist areas on the street or in shops, even in Rome, Paris, Brussels or Bucharest and anywhere in the EU.


It is up to us to realize that we can start today so that we can have results tomorrow. The InfoCons application is a concrete step that continued and developed will bring concrete results. The InfoCons app is the only mechanism to alert you to the dangers of counterfeit health products and more. The InfoCons application manages the databases in the blockchain system.

The independently developed and transparent InfoCons application, unique internationally, is available in 33 languages ​​to facilitate the use and understanding of information for all consumers, in their mother tongue.


The InfoCons application with over 3,000,000 agri-food, cosmetics, electronics and household appliances products offers direct access to:

  • Scanning the QR codes on the energy labels of household appliances and electronic devices;
  • Scanning the barcodes of food products to find out the ingredients, the number and type of food additives, allergens, the amount of sugar, salt, calories;
  • All useful and emergency numbers at local, national and international level;
  • Alerts for food and non-food products;

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