The Love Consumer

The Love Consumer! Does it exist? At least as a concept?

When we are small and helpless, instinctively, or perhaps out of love, we cling to our mother and father and hold their hands. When we are very old and helpless, we lean on and hold the hand of those who help us. But when we are in love and hold hands, we feel like we are in Heaven. That’s why holding hands is a form of support, assistance, and love!

In love, you must give without expectations and without necessarily wanting something in return. Love must be selfless, sincere, and lived. God created us out of love, and we must have love for Him, and if He created us in His image, then we all must love each other and share this feeling. What is more beautiful than the love and affection that give us energy, beautify our lives, and make us feel like we can do anything and that we are truly touched by the wing of Heaven?

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Sorin Mierlea – President of InfoConsConsumer Protection Organization

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