Representatives of InfoCons at the opening of the Economic and Commercial Mission of the Francophonie in Central and Eastern Europe

From March 27th to 29th, InfoCons Association is participating in the Economic and Commercial Mission of the Francophonie in Central and Eastern Europe, in Romania.

Today, on the occasion of the opening of the Economic and Commercial Mission, InfoCons representatives are present to disseminate educational and informative materials about the ConsoInfo App and its usefulness for consumers, directly in the French language.

The ConsoInfo App is a free tool developed to support delegations present in Romania for this exceptional event, available in the French language, which provides users with all the useful information from Romania and beyond.

ConsoInfo can be used in French or in any of the 33 languages in which it is available and can be downloaded from the following stores: App Store, Google Play, and App Gallery. ConsoInfo provides users with vital information such as:

  • Quick access to national and territorial emergency numbers through the S.O.S. function in case users encounter a problem when in Romania. This section is also available offline, with phone numbers being directly callable from the app.
  • Quick access to emergency numbers from around the world;
  • Customization of the application for those with certain health problems and special dietary needs, by setting the quantity of salt, sugar, allergens, numeric and types of additives;
  • Emergency alerts at EU level for the safety and health of individuals;
  • Scanning the barcode of agri-food product labels and providing instant information in French about that product: ingredients, numeric and types of additives, quantity of sugar and salt, presence of allergens. Presence of an alert based on preferences set for agri-food products;
  • Interactive map with civil shelters in Romania in case of emergency and identifying the nearest civil shelter based on the user’s location;
  • Waiting times at road border crossing points in and out of Romania;
  • Information about accommodation units and authorized tourism agencies in Romania.

After several missions in Southeast Asia, Central Africa, and Lebanon, the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), in collaboration with Romanian authorities and its partners, including InfoCons, is organizing a new economic mission in Central and Eastern Europe, in Bucharest, Romania, from March 27th to 29th, 2024.

This mission is part of the Economic Strategy for the Francophonie 2020-2025, which aims to intensify trade exchanges and investments between its 88 member states and their governments.

InfoCons is among the participants in networking sessions between enterprises, especially in the agri-food, digital – including cyber security and video game industry, green energies, and medical sector. Among the main objectives of this mission is identifying and realizing commercial and investment opportunities.

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