On the 75th anniversary of NATO, InfoCons launches the NATO Consumers’ Passport

Consumer security protection becomes increasingly important in the current socio-economic and geopolitical context, emerging as a pressing issue of our times. Citizens, in their capacity as consumers, have the right to security and trust. The InfoCons App is intended for all citizens of NATO member countries, as well as for military personnel in operational theaters, providing them with a simple, easy-to-use tool in their native language for direct access to emergency numbers in each country, rapid alerts for both food and non-food products, as well as information regarding product choices to enhance the confidence of military personnel. Thus, the InfoCons App serves as a means of resilience in the face of new challenges, while also upholding the fundamental rights protected by the NATO alliance.

On the occasion of the 75th Anniversary since the conception of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, InfoCons launches the NATO Consumers’ Passport, providing citizens with direct access in their native language to all information regarding consumer protection, security, and safety.

The NATO Consumers’ Passport, available in 33 languages including Ukrainian, provides citizens with direct access in their mother tongue to all information related to consumer safety and security protection. As a transparent and independently developed tool, the InfoCons App is unique at an international level, and helps facilitate direct, concise, and accurate information for consumers worldwide. With the increasing mobility of citizens globally, quick and easy access to information on institutions that can help citizens in case of emergency is indispensable.

In the InfoCons Free App, the list of all useful and emergency numbers at the local, national, and international levels is intuitively named ‘SOS,’ serving as a universally recognized acronym. Upon selection, the useful and emergency numbers appear in both English and the language of the selected country. The SOS numbers include Ambulance, Police, Consumer Protection, Fire, Border Police, Tourism, Public Health, City Hall, Environment, and Telecommunications.

In today’s geopolitical context and global security situation, direct access to useful national and international emergency numbers, unhindered by language barriers, is imperative to solving immediate problems. In line with the United Nations Charter, the Charter of Citizens’ Rights, and international and European regulations on transparent access to information and complaints, the NATO Consumers’ Passport is a unitary, global solution that makes all specific consumer protection mechanisms available to citizens.

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