Romania, ranked 1st in the EU for Preventable and Treatable Deaths, on World Health Day

According to the most recent report on Health Status in the European Union in 2023, Romania ranks first in the European Union in preventable and treatable deaths and at the bottom of the ranking in terms of prevention.

Gathering data on the main health issues in Romania from sources such as Eurostat, the European Commission’s Report on Health Status in the European Union in 2023, the Registry of Inequalities in Cancer Cases in Europe in 2023, as well as other European statistics, cancer emerged as the main health concern in Romania.

According to a study conducted in 2022 in 34 countries, as well as data published by the European Commission in 2023, the following statistics are the most concerning in Romania:

  • Romania ranks first in the European Union in preventable and treatable deaths;
  • In Romania, cancer is a concern for all population segments, regardless of age, gender, income, or education;
  • 1 in 6 deaths in Romania is caused by cancer;
  • Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Romania, after cardiovascular diseases, accounting for 19% of all deaths;
  • Globally, cardiovascular diseases rank 9th in health concerns;
  • 35% of Romanians, regardless of age or gender, consider cardiovascular diseases as the 2nd health problem nationally;
  • 34% of Romanian citizens perceive cancer as a major health issue;
  • In Romania, the level of concern regarding cancer is 49%;
  • Lung cancer and colorectal cancer are the two main causes of avoidable deaths due to cancer in Romania;

Globally, the main cause of mortality is represented by cardiovascular conditions. Regarding cancer in Romania, most people are identified with lung, colorectal, and breast cancer, while in terms of incidence, the ranking differs by gender. Thus, the main forms of cancer diagnosed in men in 2022 were prostate cancer (20%), lung cancer (15%), and colorectal cancer (15%), while among women, breast cancer would be the main type of cancer (28%), followed by colorectal cancer (12%) and cervical cancer (8%).

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