InfoCons Representatives are participating in the debate hosted by the European Ombudsman

On April 17, 2024, representatives from InfoCons are participating in the debate organized by the European Ombudsman in an online format, on the Webex platform. The main theme of this event is ” Guarding the guardians – the survival of independent public administrations in volatile and polarised times” .

Within the debate, the main point of discussion is ensuring the protection of independent public administration as a necessity in defending democracy. A civil service that operates independently and is based on merit is essential for the efficient functioning of public administration and serves as a robust defense against corruption. However, one of the main themes of the event addresses how public administrations can be defended against attacks by those seeking to weaken vital checks and balances on political power.

During the event, the following guests will speak:

Today’s debate tackles the resilience and responsiveness of public administrations in a politically volatile and polarized environment.

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