21 years of Consumers Protection – InfoCons in Romania and Europe !

In its 21 years of activity, InfoCons’ efforts have become synonymous with consumer protection in Romania. From the initial vision of a group of initiators, InfoCons – the National Association for Consumer Protection and Promotion of Programs and Strategies in Romania has grown and stood by Romanian and European consumers through projects, programs, campaigns, comparative studies, as well as through the European InfoCons App, as well as through projects, programs, campaigns, and comparative studies.

These actions have taken place in numerous fields such as product labeling, health, healthy eating, energy and energy efficiency, tourist services and products, environmental protection and sustainable consumption, financial services and products, among others. Some of these are:

  • The environmental protection program which aims to reduce the carbon footprint – “Global Carbon Point”;
  • Protection of citizens of the European Union by providing them with Emergency Numbers Worldwide;
  • Projects in the cultural field on the occasion of 100 years since the Great Union of Romania, with a new attitude towards culture;
  • Projects in the protection of Intellectual Property and combating counterfeiting, piracy, plagiarism;
  • Actions in the field of energy and energy efficiency, the InfoCons App providing consumers with information about electronic and electrical appliances (energy consumption, energy class, manufacturer, general information).

In an increasingly interconnected world, InfoCons provides consumers with access to vital information, regardless of the country they are in. Thus, InfoCons provides Romanian and European consumers with plates displaying useful and emergency numbers at an international level, to ensure that every consumer has the necessary resources regardless of geographical location.

Also, through the European Consumer Protection InfoCons App, available in 33 languages, consumers have access to real-time European Union Alerts for non-food and food products.


Happy anniversary, InfoCons, with a new attitude!

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