A representative of InfoCons is participating in the meeting organized by Consumers International

On May 23, 2024, a representative from InfoCons is participating in the members’ meeting organized by Consumers International on the Zoom online platform. The main theme of this meeting is building sustainable consumer organizations through innovation.

The discussions in this meeting will revolve around building sustainable business models, drawing from the experience and achievements of the Consumentenbond Organization from the Netherlands. They have successfully implemented a new business model, “Consumentenbond Claim Services”, extending their reach beyond traditional services. This innovative approach has attracted 700,000 participants, demanding greater accountability for consumers.

Building on the Consumentenbond model, the meeting will highlight similar achievements from around the world, where efforts have led to the elimination of excessive bank fees, refunds for costly canceled events, and prevention of energy price increases by nearly 200%.

The following guests will speak at the meeting:

Representatives from various global consumer protection organizations will share their own experiences regarding innovative initiatives in the field of consumer protection.

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