A representative of InfoCons is participating in the “Trust and Technology. From Social Relations to the State of Democracy” international conference

On June 10, 2024, a representative of InfoCons will participate in the international conference “Trust and Technology. From Social Relations to the State of Democracy,” organized at 2:00 PM at New Europe College, Bucharest (NEC).

The main topic of the conference is the progress of digital technologies in relation to diplomatic institutions and social cohesion. The rapid advancement of digital technologies has had a significant impact on various aspects of life, improving personal well-being but also threatening democratic life. New digital technologies have changed how people trust institutions, governments, and each other. For example, social networks and e-commerce have built and eroded trust in different ways. Historical adaptation to new technologies shows that societies develop mechanisms to navigate these changes.

Presentations from various fields aim to explore how new technologies challenge and transform trust in relation to individual well-being and democratic life, highlighting the need for a multidisciplinary approach to understand these evolving issues and threats to democracy.

The keynote presentation is titled “In the Presence of an Image” and will be delivered by Prof. Paolo Favero, University of Antwerp.

The following guests will speak during the conference :



InfoCons – European Organization for Consumers Protection and Promotion of Programs and Strategies , a full member of the World Organization Consumers International, founding member of the Federation of Consumer Associations, and member of ANEC.

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