InfoCons app user guide

InfoCons application – UNIQUE, INDEPENDENT AND TRANSPARENT, using blockchain technology!

Quick access to emergency numbers (SOS), fast food alerts!Find out what you are eating by scanning the barcode!

The internationally unique InfoCons App, developed independently and transparently, provides you with:

– Access to emergency numbers at national and county level  that can be accessed directly from the app;

– Access to European alerts on agri-food products and also, for non-food products, updated daily.

– Scan the barcode of a product label and instantly translate the information on the label (over 2 million products in the database):

  • Types and number of E’s (food additives),
  • Allergens;
  • Ingredients;
  • The amount of sugar;
  • The amount of salt;
  • Calories;
  • Running, walking or cycling distance to burn calories from the scanned product;
  • List of saved products;

2 million food items, SOS button with multilingual emergency numbers and daily updated food safety alerts – all in one app!

InfoCons app available on iOS, Android and Huawei!

The FREE InfoCons app is available on IOS, Android and Huawei and can be downloaded by accessing:

The InfoCons App uses Blockchain technology

InfoConsApp uses blockchain technology to store media content for products in the database. We are talking here about the images and movies that the InfoCons team has collected for each product.

The decentralized storage solution chosen by InfoCons is Storj, a company whose mission is to provide storage space for a decentralized Internet.

The idea behind Storj is the participation of everyone with unused resources in the largest storage network in the world. Virtually, any company or individual can make their unused space available to the Storj blockchain. Storj continues to use this space to store small parts of user-uploaded files. Thus, a file in Storj is saved in several parts that are joined when it is consumed by a client (InfoCons App in this case). Thus, the information is delivered very quickly and securely.

The FREE InfoCons application helps consumers with useful, accurate, transparent and accessible information!

Whether in the supermarket or at home, consumers can scan the barcodes on the products they want to buy or consume, to find out all the information on the label in a split second. Moreover, after scanning the barcode, the InfoCons App warns consumers about the number and name of allergens found in the scanned product.

InfoConsApp provides the ingredients, the number and type of food additives (in easy-to-understand language), the amount of sugar, the amount of salt, allergens and calories directly on your mobile phone – information that is often written very small, too technical language or are products whose label is no longer visible, especially the frozen ones.

The free InfoCons App facilitates access to national, local (by county) and international emergency numbers in multiple languages. In Romania’s case, the emergency numbers are displayed in Romanian, English and Ukrainian – given the context we are going through – for the other countries, consumers can find the emergency numbers displayed in English and the language of the selected country / where they are!

Food safety alerts in the European Union, updated as they appear, are displayed on the InfoCons App in Romanian and English, mentioning the countries concerned. For each food safety alert, the degree of risk is mentioned: low, undetermined and even serious. In this context, consumers are warned in a timely manner and can take action! This way, the products that are the subject of food safety alerts can be avoided by consumers and thus, many problems can be eliminated in time!

How does the FREE InfoCons app work?


The InfoCons App is organized in a minimalist way, with intuitively named sections and buttons, along with descriptive icons. This way, every consumer can easily and quickly access the sections and buttons in the InfoCons App without any problems. In order to help consumers, a mini-guide to the sections and buttons in the FREE InfoCons app can be found below:

Button 1 – Once the InfoCons App is opened, the consumer is greeted by two buttons. The “Scan Barcode” button allows, as the name suggests, to scan barcodes on products that the consumer wants to buy or consume. At home or in the supermarket, at the gas station or in the corner store, the consumer can scan the products he wants to buy / consume to find out instantly: ingredients, allergens, numeric and type of E’s, amount of salt, amount of sugar, calories , but also how much the consumer needs to walk, run or pedal to burn calories from the scanned product.


Button 2– Pressing the button with number 2 called “SOS” directs the consumer to the list of emergency numbers related to Romania, displayed in three languages: Romanian, English and Ukrainian. Furthermore, depending on the area in which he is located, the consumer can select the county from the list that includes all the counties of the country. Following the selection, the useful numbers from the county concerned will be displayed in Romanian and English.

The “SOS” button goes beyond Romania’s borders, including foreign emergency numbers. The search bar allows the consumer to select the country in which they are located, which they want to visit or where they work in order to find out easily and quickly the emergency numbers of that country. These numbers are available in English and the language of the selected country.

Dialing emergency numbers can be done directly from the appl by tapping on the number of interest.

Button 3- This button, named with the information icon “i”, sends the consumer directly to the updated list of food safety alerts, but also to the alerts for non-food products in accordance with European Union standards. Food and non-food safety alerts, displayed in chronological order (from most recent to oldest), with explicit description, including target countries and degree of risk (low, indeterminate and serious) , are essential for consumers, helping them to choose the right products. Thus, if a product is targeted by one of the food safety alerts or of the  non-food products, consumers can avoid purchasing these products and avoid problems that may arise.

Button 4 – This button is intended for information messages about improving the app: new options, updating the product database (currently 2 million products in the database), as well as studies and comparative tests conducted by InfoCons on various product categories. Like a newsletter full of useful information, the “i” button signals the appearance of a new study or a new option in the app, through a notification – “red dot”.

Button 5 – This button is for the menu. Once opened, the menu allows the consumer to create an account with the “My Account” option, to return to the main page to scan a product, to access the list of saved products, to set their consumer preferences with the “My choice” option, but also to return to the list of SOS emergency numbers or to set the language – Romanian or English – in which to display the information from the InfoCons app. However, all this will be explained in detail in the following.

Button 6 – By pressing the “share” button, the consumer can share with family, friends, colleagues the products they have scanned, so that in turn, those who receive the information know how many E’s, how much salt, how much sugar are in them and consuming knowingly.

Button 7– In case the consumer encounters problems with a certain product, he can submit a notification directly in the app, filling in the form that opens when pressing the button with the same name. Thus, the InfoCons App facilitates the entire process of submitting a complaint, the consumer having the opportunity to submit the complaint even when they encounter the problem.

Button 8 – “My choice” tells you whether or not the scanned product is in line with consumer preferences. It can pre-set its consumer preferences (maximum number of food additives “E’s”, but also the E’s it does not want in the productS, the maximum amount of salt and the maximum amount of sugar. After adding these information, the InfoCons App alerts the consumer whether or not the scanned product is in accordance with their default preferences.

Button 9– By pressing this button, the product is “sent” directly to the list of saved products. Thus, the consumer can review the products he has saved and also, by simply selecting them from the list, can find out the total number of E’s, but also how many times a certain type of food additive is repeated, the total amount of salt and the total amount of sugar.

Section 10 – This section lists the ingredients in the scanned product, in Romanian or English, depending on the consumer’s previous choice. Thus, the ingredients on the label are rendered directly on the mobile phone, in a fraction of a second.

Section 11 – One of the most important sections, the one dedicated to allergens, warns the consumer about the number and type of allergens. In this way, the consumer finds out in advance if he is allergic to any ingredient in the contents of the scanned product and can quickly avoid a problem.

Section 12– This section brings to the consumer’s attention the nutritional values ​​on the label of the scanned product. The amount of sugar, the amount of salt, the calories are rendered directly on the mobile phone, simple and fast.

Section 13– A helpful section of the InfoCons App is dedicated to the computer. In the context that the products are in different quantities or in the context in which the consumer wants to consume only a certain quantity of a product, with the help of the computer, he can set the quantity of product he wants to find out: the amount of salt, the amount of sugar and the calories of the selected amount.

Section 14 – Food additives are given in an explicit form, along with their number on a simple product scan. If, until now, the consumer could be misled by the too technical and complex terminology, now the InfoCons App shows how many food additives are in the scanned product, but also what they are.

Section 15 – Dedicated to warnings, this section warns consumers about exceeding the maximum amount of salt or sugar recommended by the World Health Organization.

Section 16 – A useful section for those who want to stay in shape, is dedicated to calculating the minutes that consumers must spend walking, running or cycling to burn calories from the scanned product.


Button 17– “My choice” helps the consumer to preset their consume preferences. If he wants the products he consumes / purchases not to exceed a certain amount of salt, sugar or food additives, then after inserting these preferences in the “My Choice” section, the InfoCons App will “warn” him if the scanned product fits his consumer preferences.

Button 18– The list of saved products will open once accessed this section. Thus, the consumer has access to all the products that he saved after the scan. This list allows the consumer to select the products he wants to consume / buy to find out the total amount of sugar, the total amount of salt, but also the total number of food additives (E-s) and how often a certain type is repeated. of food additive.

Button 19 – This button allows you to choose the language – Romanian or English – in which the information from the InfoCons App will be played. Once you access this button and change the language, the app will display all the buttons and sections in the selected language.

The sections and buttons, 19 in number similar to the age of the InfoCons association, are essential tools for consumers, covering a wide range of needs that they may have.

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