InfoCons Guide for Participants at the 2024 European Football Championship (UEFA Euro 2024) – Leipzig

The UEFA European Football Championship 2024 (also known as UEFA Euro 2024 or Euro 2024) is the 17th edition of the European Football Championship, organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). Euro 2024 begins on June 14, 2024, and ends on July 14, 2024. The host country for this year’s edition is Germany, and the matches will take place in 10 cities across the host country: Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart.

To assist participants of the UEFA European Football Championship 2024, InfoCons – National Association for Consumer Protection and Promotion of Programs and Strategies from Romania, provides information regarding travel and event access rules, local emergency numbers (in case consumers encounter any problems), stadium locations, and many other useful details available in the European InfoCons App.


What should you know before travelling to Germany ?

For citizens coming from within the EU / Schengen Area:

  • You can travel to Germany using your national identity card or passport;
  • It is recommended to carry an identification document with you at all times, as it may be required for check-in at accommodation or if you need assistance with your match ticket at the stadium.

For citizens coming from non-EU or non-Schengen areas:

  • You need a passport and must go through border control. Your passport must meet Schengen entry requirements:
  • Valid for at least 3 months after the date you intend to leave the EU;
  • Issued within the last 10 years.
  • Some supporters might also need a visa to enter Germany;
  • To check the complete list and apply for a visa, visit the website of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

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What do you need to know before attending a UEFA Euro 2024 match?

  • Entry to the stadium will be done individually, including for children of any age, based on a valid ticket or accreditation issued by the organizer;
  • Ticket holders under the age of 16 can only enter the stadium accompanied by an adult, who must also have a valid ticket;
  • Ensure you have a valid identification document with you;
  • Driving and parking vehicles at the stadium are only permitted with special authorization from the Stadium Authority;
  • Entry to the stadium begins 3 hours before the match.

Before attending the matches of the European Football Championship, check the UEFA website for stadium access rules!


Useful emergency numbers in Germany with the European InfoCons App

  • Emergencies Germany: 112
  • Ambulance Germany: 112, 141
  • Consumer protection Germany: 258000
  • Firefighters Germany: 112, 122
  • Police Germany: 110
  • Emergency medical service Germany: 116117
  • Public utilities – gas Germany: 128
  • Poisoning emergency number Germany: 030 19 240
  • Emergency service for children Germany: (030) 610061
  • Emergency service for youth Germany: (030) 610062
  • Emergency service for girls Germany: (030) 610063
  • Contact and counseling center Germany: (030) 61006800
  • Telephone information for emergency pharmacies Germany: (0800) 0022833
  • Telephone information for emergency pharmacies Germany: 22833
  • Emergency medical service Germany: 116117
  • Emergency dental service Germany: (030) 89004333
  • National hotline for addiction and drugs Germany: (01806) 313031
  • Drug emergency service Germany: (030) 19237
  • EC/Maestro or credit card blocking, emergency blocking Germany: 116 116
  • Central line for midwives Germany: (030) 2142771
  • Gas leak/malfunction service Germany: (030) 787272
  • Electricity malfunction management VATTENFALL Germany: (0800) 2112525
  • Emergency number for public lighting Germany: (0800) 1102010

Through the European InfoCons App, you can even call emergency numbers in Germany and Leipzig offline.

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Where are the matches in Leipzig held?

The UEFA Euro 2024 matches in Leipzig will take place at Leipzig Stadium.

  • Stadium capacity: 40,000 people
  • Stadium address: Am Sportforum 3, 04105 Leipzig, Germany

Beware of counterfeit products with the European InfoCons App!

In the context of the 2024 European Football Championship, vigilance regarding counterfeit products, especially football items and associated equipment, is important. Counterfeit products not only affect the economy and the sports industry but can also pose risks to the safety and health of citizens. Counterfeit or pirated products are frequently encountered during major events, and purchasing them can be dangerous for consumers.

During Euro 2024, be careful to buy only from trusted sources. By choosing to purchase authentic items, you not only support the industry and your favorite team but also ensure that you receive quality and safe products. Safety and authenticity should be priorities during the European Football Championship to ensure a positive experience!

To find out if a product is counterfeit, InfoCons provides all Euro 2024 participants with the Free European InfoCons App! In the Alerts section of the App, consumers can find out which products have been identified by the European alert system as counterfeit. Users can also search for suspicious products in the app by entering keywords in the search button of the Alerts section.

Through the European InfoCons App, consumers have direct and transparent access to non-food product alerts, updated daily and accompanied by details such as:

  • product name;
  • affected country;
  • risk level;
  • product origin;
  • date the alert becomes effective;
  • image of the product under alert;

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The European InfoCons App at UEFA Euro 2024

The European InfoCons App is a useful and free tool, available in German or any of the 33 languages it supports and can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, and App Gallery. The European InfoCons App provides users with vital information such as:

  • Quick access to emergency phone numbers in Germany through the S.O.S. function in case users encounter a problem during the event. This section is also available offline, and phone numbers can be called directly from the app;
  • Quick access to emergency phone numbers worldwide;
  • Customization of the app for those with certain health issues and special dietary requirements by setting the amount of salt, sugar, allergens, numeric, and types of additives;
  • Emergency alerts at the European Union level for personal safety and health;
  • Scanning the barcode of food product labels and instantly providing information in German or any of the other 33 languages in the app about that product: ingredients, numeric and types of additives, amount of sugar and salt, presence of allergens;
  • The presence of an alert according to preferences set regarding food products.

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