Italian National Day with the European InfoCons App

On June 2nd, the Italian citizens celebrate Italy’s National Day, also known as Republic Day, marking 78 years since Italy became a constitutional republic.

On this occasion, InfoCons provides Italian citizens with the the European InfoCons App. The European InfoCons App is designed for all Italian-speaking communities in Europe and is available in Italian to ensure that all citizens are aware of their rights and are informed directly in their mother tongue – Italian.

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The European InfoCons App is a useful and free tool that can be used in Italian or any of the 33 languages in which it is available and can be downloaded from the following stores: App StoreGoogle Play, and App Gallery. The app offers users vital information in Italian, such as:

  • Scanning the barcodes of food products to find out ingredients, the number and type of food additives, allergens, the amount of sugar, salt, and calories;
  • Scanning the QR codes on the energy labels of household appliances and other electronic devices;
  • Personalizing the app for those with certain health issues and special dietary needs by setting the amounts of salt, sugar, allergens, and types and numbers of additives;
  • All useful and emergency numbers at the national and international level for Italy;
  • Real-time alerts for food and non-food products at the European Union level;
  • A dictionary of terminology in consumer protection, environment, financial banking, labor, insurance, energy, etc.;
  • 3 free personalized QR codes through which the traffic of generated QR code scans can be monitored and more.

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June 2nd represents the date of the Italian institutional referendum in 1946, through which the Italian population voted on the form of government of the country after World War II. On this occasion, universal suffrage was used, through which Italy became a republic.

On the occasion of Italy’s National Day, InfoCons extends its warmest wishes for health, joy, and prosperity to all Italian citizens! Happy National Day of Italy, with a new attitude!

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InfoCons – European Organization for Consumers Protection and Promotion of Programs and Strategies , a full member of the World Organization Consumers International, founding member of the Federation of Consumer Associations, and member of ANEC.

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