The 2024 European Football Championship’s round of 16 starts tonight with Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse vs. Italy / Italia ! Useful information with InfoCons !

Today , June 29 , 2024 , the round of 16 begins in the European Football Championship 2024 with the match between Switzerland and Italy . The match starts at  18:00 ( Germany time , UTC +2 ) , on Olympiastadion in Berlin , Germany , a stadium with the capacity of 71,000 people .

In case participants in the Switzerland Italy  match encounter any problems during the event, InfoCons – European Organization for Consumer Protection and Promotion of Programs and Strategies has developed the Consumer Protection – InfoCons Guide for participants in the 2024 European Football Championship .

Through the Guide and the European InfoCons App , participants have access to information regarding travel and access rules for the Switzerland Italy match , local emergency numbers , the location of the stadium , and many other useful details .

For more information , the Consumer Protection – InfoCons Guide for Participants at the 2024 European Football Championship (UEFA Euro 2024) can be accessed HERE .


InfoCons – European Organization for Consumer Protection and Promotion of Programs and Strategies , a full member of the World Organization Consumers International , founding member of the Federation of Consumer Associations , and member of ANEC .

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